Monday, 18 April 2011


My buddy Bruce Yelk in Philadelphia produces that city's fabulous annual Mr. Philadelphia Gay pageant (this year held in Philly's Voyeur nightclub in the heart of the "gayborhood" on April 16) and another friend and colleague of mine, Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto, was a pageant judge once again.

Bugs and Michael in Montreal
 Except this year one of the contestants (and eventual winner), a petite gymnast named Dashiell Sears, veered off-course during the Q&A segment when contestants were asked, "Who's your favorite menswear designer?"

Sears told Michael, "It's an honor to meet you but it's really unfortunate, too. I admire your work and so did a bisexual friend of mine, who came out because of your column."

The moment took a further turn for the worse when Sears revealed that his bisexual friend "killed herself because she just couldn't go on. There's so much homophobia out there. She would have loved to have met you. That's what's so sad."

But, as Michael wrote in his own blog La Daily Musto, "Stunned, I hugged Dash and said it was such a sweet, poignant story that he didn't even have to say who his favorite menswear designer was. He replied anyway: 'Calvin Klein. Because I like the underwear.'"

God, I love gay people.

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