Thursday, 16 June 2011


The Debbie Reynolds Collection goes on the auction block on June 18

(June 16)  The Debbie Reynolds Collection is arguably the most significant collection of Hollywood costumes and props since the liquidation of the MGM and FOX studios in the 1970s -- and it all goes on the auction block at the Paley Center of Media in Beverly Hills on June 18. 

After painstakingly collecting Hollywood memorabilia for decades -- including Marilyn Monroe's "Subway" dress that blows around in the movie The Seven Year Itch, Judy Garland's test dress and ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz , and Elizabeth Taylor's gold headdress from Cleopatra -- Reynolds is putting it all on the auction block because her dream was never realized.

"I wanted to build a museum for the public which I was never able to raise the money for," the Hollywood legend and gay icon told NBC Los Angeles. "That's why you are seeing this auction. I think it's sad, but I think it's the only way it can happen. It's the only way I can save it. I can't maintain it anymore."

The Profiles in History auction is the first of two -- the second will be held in December 2011. This entire collection contains over 3,500 costumes, 20,000 original photographs, several thousand original movie posters, original costume sketches and hundreds of key props from film history. You can downlaod the (frankly amazing) catalogue for free at this website.

"I am really sick and tired of it. I feel that I must call it a day now," the 79-year-old star of such classic films as 1952's Singing' in the Rain tells the LA Times. "Over the years, I have literally spent millions of dollars protecting it and taking care of it. If you were me, wouldn't you give up after 35 years?"

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