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The Leopold Museum added red tape to exhibit posters throughout Vienna
Huge crowds numbering over 2,000 daily file past a four-metre (12-foot) high full-frontal photo of a naked young man, set up near the entrance of the Leopold Museum's international headline-grabbing Nude Men from 1800 to Today exhibition.

The original promotional poster

by artists Pierre & Gilles
Before the exhibition opened, however, there was a huge public outcry over its 'Vive La France' promotional poster by French artists Pierre & Gilles which depicts three footballers wearing nothing but blue, white and red socks and soccer shoes. So posters of  the three men were covered with lines of red tape to hide their crown jewels.

The Associated Press reports, "Museum officials say they received a flood of complaints ... mostly from outlying districts heavily populated by new immigrants from Muslim countries."

But that hasn't stopped the Viennese from flocking to the Leopold, where the exhibition features about 300 pieces of art — including pieces by Egon Schiele, Auguste Rodin and Andy Warhol, not to mention some of the art depicsts men having sex — and has proven so popular that it has been extended to March 4.

Click here to see more art from the exhibition.

In fact, the Leopold has even invited the public to get naked after a recent inquiry from a group of German nudists.

"There was a request by an association from Germany for a nude guided tour," a museum spokesman said. "We thought about it, and decided it would be a good idea to have a special nude viewing open to the public."

Click here for the official webpage for the Leopold Museum's  Nude Men from 1800 to Today exhibition, which continues until March 4.

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