Monday, 4 July 2011


Photo of Bugs by Robert Laliberte

It's official: I have begun writing my new POP TART blog for the Montreal daily The Gazette.

As I wrote in my first blog column / post, "After 15 years of writing my national column Three Dollar Bill, which was based at Montreal’s much-lamented Hour magazine – the first alternative or mainstream newspaper in Canada to publish a regular gay column – it feels pretty good to break new ground again, this time here with The Gazette.

"There are a zillion gay journalists out there, of course, but few have made a career out of being, well, out. In America fabulous sex columnist Dan Savage began his Savage Love column with the Seattle alt-weekly newspaper The Stranger in 1991. Then Deb Price began her groundbreaking weekly column on gay issues for the daily newspaper The Detroit News in 1992 (Deb retired her column last year, but Dan is still going strong). And I began Three Dollar Bill in 1996.

"Today, while the blogosphere is packed with name bloggers like Andrew Sullivan, Michelangelo Signorile and my buddy Joe My God, just one daily newspaper in America boasts a bonafide gay blogger, staff writer Steve Rothaus of The Miami Herald. Now, with Pop Tart, Montreal’s 233-year-old daily newspaper The Gazette has become Canada’s first daily to host a (not always) gay blog."

You can read more from my Gazette debut - which also features all-star cameos by R.M. Vaughan, Scott Thompson, Michel Tremblay and Rufus Wainwright - by clicking here.

You can read my other POP TART posts by clicking here. Thank you for reading POP TART and Three Dollar Bill!

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  1. Oh my! Congratulations!
    I am so excited, this is well deserved!
    I look forward to reading your new columns in the Gazette!

    - Rob